Our Objectives

Messages from the Chairperson, CEO & Country Director

Faisal Djalal

Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management

As stated in the Hyogo Framework for Action, there is currently a great need to enhance international and regional cooperation. Transfer of knowledge, increasing capacity, sharing of information and best practice for good governance in preparedness, emergency response and disaster risk reduction will obviously strengthen the capacity and resilience of individual countries and the Asia Pacific region as a whole. The Asia-Pacific countries are among those most frequently affected by disasters. For this reason, the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management can play a critical role in regional networking that allows countries to help each other and work together in times of need.

In Japan, the success of concerted action between NGOs and the private sectors dealing with disaster responses has been an eye opener for Indonesia, Korea, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. It has shown us that the involvement of the business sector will always be immensely valuable and highly appreciated.

So let to us work together, hand in hand, to increase the role of business and civil society and thereby improve the ability of countries in the Asia-Pacific region to react to whatever disasters may befall them.

Kensuke Onishi

Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management

A-PAD is operational in the following countries of the Asia Pacific Region, namely Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Our plans for 2017 include, among other goals, making Sri Lanka a dynamic hub for A-PAD activities in the region. One specific area of interest is to inculcate in Sri Lanka the Search & Rescue Operations and develop a skilled team which will receive international level training and be ready for deployment in any country within the region.

I am happy to note that A-PAD Sri Lanka has made remarkable progress over the past few years and is now poised to be a successful national platform modeled after Japan. While wishing the Sri Lankan team every success in their endeavors, I would like to assure them of our fullest cooperation and support by making available the needed resources and technical expertise.

I am confident that through their dedication, hard work and native ingenuity they will be able to take forward the vision and mission of A-PAD while also participating in multi-national collaboration with A-PAD platforms elsewhere in the region.

Firzan Hashim

Country Director
Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management  
Sri Lanka

As A-PAD SL takes off this year on an independent footing directly under the A-PAD Management Office – Japan. I am confident that we will be able to continue with the same energy towards our mission which is chiefly aimed at coordinating and supporting disaster preparedness, prevention, mitigation, risk reduction, relief activities and capacity building across Sri Lanka. A-PAD Sri Lanka strongly roots on Advocacy and Good Practices as its foundational principles.

I hope that our existing partnerships will be further strengthened as we move forward and that together we can come up with innovative approaches in facing up to the emerging situation where disasters could be more widespread and more frequent than ever before, especially as a result of climate change. A-PAD SL remains firmly committed to playing its rightful role in the upcoming scenario.