Meethotamulla Garbage Dump – “A man-made disaster creates history”

“We felt sudden pangs in our hearts and the next thing we know, we were running in a stampede to save our lives from this ‘kunu kandha (Garbage Mountain)’ falling on us”, said one of the residents who got into conversation A-PAD SL team.

On the 14th of April 2017, mostly known as Avurudu Day in Sri Lanka, turned out to be not-so auspicious to the folks living in line houses surrounding this famous “Meethotamulla Garbage Dump. Part of this mountain collapsed suddenly creating a chaotic situation which was also not expected. Taking its toll on 19 human lives as of 16/04/2017, this disaster left over 1,500 families homeless and displaced.

Upon visit we found that the tri-forces were the first responders in reaching the site and engaging in search & rescue operations. Whilst we hear cries of family members who eagerly sit on the roadside as rescue teams carry out operations, we learnt the possibility of more victims who may be buried 30 feet below the accumulated debris and the rescue operations slowing down due to unavoidable circumstances.

Requests for urgent relief material is circulated by A-PAD Sri Lanka and we will continue to provide live updates.