25.05.2017, Sri Lanka received a rainfall which was expected. Floods, yet again, expected. Since the floods of May 2016, it was known to be yet another “annual event” for us, just like…Vesak. The rains and adverse weather took its rightful toll on 146 human lives, displacing more than 400,000 individuals while approximately 100 persons whose whereabouts are not known of.

A-PAD readily initiated

An Air Reconnaissance Monitoring

Mission on the 26th of May along with Officials from Disaster Management Centre (DMC), National Building and Research Organization (NBRO), Irrigation Department along with a media personnel and A-PAD flew around country to understand the real situation of floods and how much it has affected the land which were previously not discovered in the initial reports. This effort supported the Search Operators in scheduling their route plans on ground.

PickMe “SOS” Feature

was launched with collaboration with A-PAD and DMC where an additional app to their existing taxi hailing cab (SOS App). This was done overnight and A-PAD liaised with EOC and installed on the PCs of EOC call centre. Stranded personnel could call and the app would immediately give location with google maps. Calls are filtered and location provided by call centre to Air Force ops room for further verification and evacuation. A-PAD introduced the system to the Air Force as well. A-PAD office has the app installed to monitor and support

Information Focal Point

A-PAD SL has been the information hub between many stakeholders and upon request has been allotted as the official information provider in Search and Rescue Missions.

Animal Rescue in Disasters

Team has been alerted and linked with S&R teams which were deployed into mission

Government Medical Officer’s Association (GMAO)

Offering its fullest support has been linked with Search and Rescue teams for medical assistance


In forms of water bottles and cooked food items were received from Private Sector Donors and airlifted immediately by Sri Lanka Air Force.

While flood waters continue to cause damage, we at A-PAD are closely monitoring in various capacities and will continue to pass on the latest and updated information to which we vouch credible and reliable.