Asia Pacific Alliance – Sri Lanka

30°C Colombo | May 26, 2024

Rainwater Harvesting

A project launched at the wake of A-PAD’s launch in Sri Lanka while responding to the slow on-set drought of 2014 and 2015. In easing the water issues of the arid Northern Peninsula, A-PAD with the blessing of its Japanese principles carried out one pilot tank in Kayts, Jaffna. The tank was to provide water support to 5 families of the vicinity. The tank would be blessed with rains should the monsoons occur, if not served as a medium of storage during the dry months when manually filled with the water bowser. The success of the tank would be later assessed approximately 6 years later where approximately 100 such rainwater tanks were constructed in the North. This evaded social security issues for girls and women who had to trudge unsafe paths in search of water and also missed out on school due to the water queue.