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Advancing Disaster Management Education with University of Colombo

Advancing Disaster Management Education with University of Colombo

Mar 9, 2023

Disasters and emergencies are becoming more common around the world. The significance of education and the impact of various educational methods on disaster risk reduction and preparedness is becoming increasingly important.

In such a case, A-PAD SL collaborated with the Faculty of Arts at the University of Colombo to introduce practical disaster management knowledge while also building community resilience through the empowerment of youth leaders. Initial discussions were conducted with Senior Professor L. Manawadu, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, and with the Department of International Relations.

Building community resilience necessitates vision, academic expertise, and a sense of responsibility. As a result, this new project is prioritized to provide a long-term context for youth engagement and learning communities as part of a larger community engagement and capacity-building strategy to reduce disaster risk and enhance resilience.

The partnership will be focused on the exchange of knowledge and practices in the disaster management and climate change thematic areas. This partnership will also emphasize forward-thinking actions as well as innovative practical and academic collaborations to mobilize commitments and actions to address new preparedness, mitigation, and adaptation needs.

Mr. Firzan Hashim in conversation with Professor Padmakumara and Professor Pasqual from the University of Colombo
Representatives of A-PAD SL with the academic staff of the Department of International Relations