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Crisis Management Knowledge Sharing Visit to Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC

Crisis Management Knowledge Sharing Visit to Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC

Feb 16, 2024

A-PAD facilitated a knowledge sharing session on exemplary crisis management and resilience building during a visit to Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC on February 8th 2024. Participants from various government and private sectors were immersed in the importance of proactive risk mitigation through Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategies. Dr. Eshantha Salgado and the Lion Brewery team comprising Mr. Shiran Jansz and Mr. Hiran Edirisinghe shared their experience of the 2016 floods in the Biyagama area. This included aspects of crisis management, recovery and the journey of building back better. The presentation titled “Through the Flood,” emphasized the crucial need for resilient systems and proactive crisis management. This event underscored Lion Brewery’s commitment to building back better as a means of proactive crisis management, showcasing the significance of comprehensive knowledge and adaptive strategies in navigating uncertain terrain.

Dr. Salgado’s insights further highlighted the dynamic nature of crisis management and the necessity of adaptive strategies in addressing challenges effectively. By delving into the complexities of geographic knowledge, demographics, and innovative methodologies, Lion Brewery exemplified the strategic trade-offs and sacrifices required to maintain resilience. The visit concluded with a fruitful Q&A session, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among participants. Through this exchange of experiences and best practices, A-PAD continues to empower organizations to enhance their crisis preparedness and response capabilities, contributing to a more resilient future for all.

Opening Remarks by Mr. Firzan Hashim, Country Director A-PAD SL
Presentation conducted by Dr. Eshantha Salgado, Senior Vice President- Sustainability at Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC
Active Participation from several private/public sector entities