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Navigating Rapids and Nightfall: Day 02 of A-PAD SL’s Swift Water SAR Training

Navigating Rapids and Nightfall: Day 02 of A-PAD SL’s Swift Water SAR Training

Jun 27, 2024

The Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Sri Lanka (A-PAD SL) successfully carried out the second day of its 3-day Swift Water Search and Rescue Level-2 training program on June 26th in Kitulgala. Building on the foundational skills acquired on Day 1, the training focused on critical maneuvers essential for navigating swift waters effectively.

The 24 participants entered day two with heightened confidence and engaged in a variety of rescue techniques, including chain crossing, live bait river rescue, and negotiating river crossings amidst obstacles. The rapids of Kelani River made the exercises challenging yet a rewarding experience, putting the participants endurance, teamwork, and responsiveness to the test.

The highlight of the day was the specialized night training session, simulating low visibility conditions where participants engaged in river crossing utilizing all their senses to remain alert. This hands-on experience proved invaluable, challenging participants to apply their skills in real-time situations resembling actual emergency responses. By simulating scenarios that require swift and effective action, the training aimed to prepare participants to handle the unpredictable challenges often encountered in disaster zones.

The advanced training program, supported by A-PAD Sri Lanka and the Disaster Management Centre, underscores a commitment to equipping first responders with the technical skills necessary for efficient disaster response.

Instructors briefing the team
Trainees learn to paddle with hands
Participants honing their rafting skills
Participants engaging in chain crossing exercises
Night survival training