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Youthful Spirit for a Secure Tomorrow: Disaster Risk Reduction Day 2023

Youthful Spirit for a Secure Tomorrow: Disaster Risk Reduction Day 2023

Oct 16, 2023

To foster a global culture of risk awareness and disaster reduction in a world characterized by environmental challenges, the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction was commemorated by A-PAD SL in collaboration with the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) on October 13th, 2023, initiating a youth awareness program on disaster risk reduction, under the global theme “Fighting inequalities for a Resilient Future.”

In a bid to ignite a “Youthful Spirit for a Secure Tomorrow,” the inspiring youth awareness program was conducted, aiming to empower the concept of disaster risk reduction among the youth in Sri Lanka. More than one hundred students, representing several National Youth Services Councils in Sri Lanka, were the central characters of this educational endeavor. These enthusiastic youth were not merely attendees; they were the potential architects of a resilient future. Recognizing the need for an engaging medium to convey the knowledge of disaster risk reduction, the program was conducted using the universal language of music, as music transcends the barriers of inequalities.

The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, held every October 13, promotes global risk awareness and disaster reduction. The event highlights the importance of reducing exposure to disasters and raising awareness. Poverty, inequality, and discrimination contribute to increasing disaster risk. To reduce vulnerability, coordinated planning and increased investments in disaggregated data collection are needed.

The “Youthful Spirit for a Secure Tomorrow”, youth awareness program demonstrates the power of education and engagement in building a safer and more resilient Sri Lanka. The youth of today, driven by their youthful spirit, are the agents of change that will lead the nation towards a more secure and resilient tomorrow. Through this program, young people were equipped with the knowledge and skills to actively participate in disaster risk reduction efforts. By engaging youth in these initiatives, we hope to harness their energy and creativity to develop innovative solutions for building resilience. As investing in the education and engagement of the youth will ensure a sustainable and secure future for Sri Lanka.


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