Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) is a trans-national disaster aid alliance that works to facilitate cooperation and understanding between governments, private companies and NGOs in the Asia Pacific region. A-PAD Sri Lanka is aimed at coordinating and supporting disaster preparedness, mitigation, disaster risk reduction, relief activities and capacity building across Sri Lanka. A-PAD Sri Lanka also facilitates other alliances in the Asia Pacific Region.

Assets of A-PAD includes 3 helicopters and 4amphibious vehicles extensively utililized for search and rescue operations. Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) with its air and ground and air assets has the capacity to mobilize and respond to disasters at much speedier pace than its counterparts sister services. The increase in the scale and incidence of natural disasters in Sri Lanka and the Asia Pacific Region, a professional search and rescue (S&R) with airlift capability will save more lives and minimize losses. The recent disasters in Sri Lanka which accounted for the Meethotamulla garbage collapse, urban flooding in May 2016 and the multiple landslides demanded international expertise in search and rescue. Time being the main essence in saving lives, the rapid deployment of local expert teams is the likely solution.

A-PAD will be establishing a Search and Rescue team for Sri Lanka this year. A training programme will be conducted for the SL Forces and volunteers from private sector organisations providing professional expertise from the Asia Pacific region.

Pics from previous meetings convened with Air force commander