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A-PAD Search and Rescue Training 2019 Begins – Day 1 – January 16th

A-PAD Search and Rescue Training 2019 Begins – Day 1 – January 16th

Jan 16, 2019

A-PAD Sri Lanka, in partnership with the Sri Lanka Navy, began their second international training in Search and Rescue, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, in conjunction with the People of Japan, and held at the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) Headquarters in Gangewadiya, Eluwankulama, Sri Lanka. This was the start of the first batch of two scheduled trainings, with the focus being solely on military personnel, with participants from the Sri Lanka Navy and Air Force.

The training schedule began with international standard, fully fitted equipment packs being handed over to the participants for the duration of the training from A-PAD SL. The International Rescue Instructors Alliance (IRIA) certified trainers, conducted several exercises from swimming basics for swift water rescue, to boat capsize and control exercises, water entry, and many others.

The A-PAD platform continually facilitates for Civil Military Co-operation to help boost the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of all parties, in conjunction with maintaining the international standards, to ensure that qualified members can actively aid and assist in rescue operations.


A-PAD Search and Rescue Training 2019 First batch comprising of military personnel undergoing Swift Water Training.

First batch training participants learning the Defensive Swim pose and stroke

A-PAD SL rescue gear being used by participants in Offensive Swim stroke exercises

RABS participants performing the practical Boat Capsize and Control exercise under supervision of an instructor.

Instructors demonstrating to participants how to quickly gather rope into a throw bag.

Group photo of all participants and Cdr. Hettiarachchi (Center) at the end of Day 1 of training.