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A-PAD Search and Rescue Training – Day 2 – January 17th

A-PAD Search and Rescue Training – Day 2 – January 17th

Jan 17, 2019

A-PAD Sri Lanka, in partnership with the Sri Lanka Navy, continued their international search and rescue swift water training today. The training activities for the day involved new techniques that could be employed in several situations by the participants, most notably the ‘High-Line System Set Up’ which is a standard procedure used in rescue situations ranging from swift water to mountain rescue.

The participants were also shown techniques that allowed them to use the flow of the river to their advantages as well as special nigh based survival skills. The training for day 2 concluded with all participants having to swim back to the training base of operations fro specific locations utilizing the skills they had just acquired.

The A-PAD platform continually facilitates for Civil Military Co-operation to help boost the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of all parties, in conjunction with maintaining the international standards, to ensure that qualified members can actively aid and assist in rescue operations.


Participants undergoing night survival training.

Participants sing water flow mechanics and utilizing the Long Protect pose.

Trainer Chun-Yan Huang instructing demonstrating water rescue techniques to participants.

Participants learning rubber boat operation techniques.