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A-PAD SL convenes a Field Visit and Educational Outreach Initiative in the Eastern Province

A-PAD SL convenes a Field Visit and Educational Outreach Initiative in the Eastern Province

Feb 7, 2024

The Eastern Province of Sri Lanka is renowned for its vibrant agricultural landscape, sea beds and its unique enriching culture. Recently, a field visit was organized by A-PAD SL to delve into the intricacies of coconut cultivation in the region, coupled with a meaningful engagement with the Management Development Unit. Additionally, as part of a broader educational initiative, past paper distributions were conducted for two schools in the Eastern Province, fostering learning opportunities for students. This article provides insights into these endeavors and their significance.

Visit to Coconut Cultivation Board:

Ms. Izumi Kishikawa, representative of A-PAD Japan along with the team A-PAD SL visited the coconut cultivation board in the Eastern Province. The coconut cultivation board aims to establish sustainable coconut plantations thereby increasing coconut production and productivity by providing effective extension services, materials and financial assistance for coconut growers of the country. The establishment primarily focuses on providing coconut seedlings coupled with material/financial assistance for sustainable coconut cultivation.

Following the discussion, a site tour took place to gain valuable insights to the production processes from the planting of seedlings, selection processes and finally the distribution of healthy seedlings. The field visit offered a firsthand experience of the coconut cultivation practices prevalent in the Eastern Province.

Meeting with Management Development Training Unit:

A pivotal aspect of the visit was the meeting with the Management Development Training Unit, which plays a crucial role in facilitating training initiatives in the region. Representatives provided an overview of their support programs aimed at empowering students through training. They highlighted the economic crisis in Sri Lanka has affected students’ ability to afford essential school supplies, such as stationery and past books.

Furthermore, discussions emphasized the significance of access to resources for school children. The Management Development Unit reiterated its commitment to fostering a conducive environment for students’ growth and fostering the holistic development of the communities in the Eastern Province.

Educational Outreach: Past Paper Distribution:

In conjunction with the field visit, an educational outreach initiative was launched to support academic endeavors in the Eastern Province. Grade 5 Scholarship Past Paper booklets were distributed to two schools, Sumedankara Maha Vidyalaya, and Dharmaraja Maha Vidyalaya in Trincomalee, providing students with valuable revision materials to aid in their exam preparation. This initiative aimed to supplement classroom learning and empower students to excel academically. Government officials and principals expressed anticipation for ongoing support from A-PAD SL to enhance education in the Eastern Province.

Meeting with Peace Winds Japan in Sri Lanka

In eastern Sri Lanka, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has been assisting livelihood program with rice and dairy farmers’ cooperatives in Trincomalee District Since 2011. Ms. Kishikawa and Team A-PAD SL met with Peace Winds Japan Sri Lanka to discuss ongoing projects. Ms. Kawase, Country Representative, Peace Winds Japan Sri Lanka emphasized that Peace Winds focuses on introducing organic and circular agricultural methods, offering community-based construction support in Trincomalee, and providing emergency relief when needed. Peace Winds prioritizes educating young farmers on organic methods and provides both agricultural and financial advice.

The field visit to coconut cultivation sites in the Eastern Province, coupled with engagements with the Management Development Unit, Peace Winds Japan and educational outreach efforts, underscored the importance of holistic development and collaboration in fostering agricultural sustainability and educational empowerment. By bridging the gap between stakeholders and leveraging synergies, such initiatives contribute to the socio-economic advancement of communities and lay the groundwork for a prosperous future in the Eastern Province.


Visit to Coconut Farms
Meeting with the Management Development Training Unit
Past Paper Book Distribution to Sumedankara Maha Vidyalaya
Meeting with Peace Winds Japan in Sri Lanka