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Fostering Collaborations and Strengthening Partnerships with A-PAD

Fostering Collaborations and Strengthening Partnerships with A-PAD

Feb 3, 2024

In recent meetings, the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) has taken center stage in fostering collaborations and strengthening partnerships aimed at enhancing disaster resilience amongst the community. With a focus on pooling resources, sharing expertise, and facilitating cooperation among diverse stakeholders, these gatherings have paved the way for innovative approaches to disaster risk reduction and response.

One of the key themes that emerged from these discussions is the importance of leveraging the strengths of each partner within the A-PAD network. By capitalizing on the unique capabilities and resources of governments, NGOs, private sector entities, and international organizations, A-PAD aims to create a synergistic approach to disaster management and climate change that is both effective and sustainable.

One of the focal points of the recent meeting has been the emphasis on incorporating Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) on private sectors’ strategic plan to take ownership of their own disaster resilience efforts. Through training programs, knowledge sharing initiatives, and grassroots partnerships, A-PAD is working to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable populations and ensure that they are equipped to effectively prepare, respond to and recover from disasters.

In addition to incorporating DRR in different sector, A-PAD have also been actively engaging with the media industry to maximize the impact on a national scale. The crucial points discussed during a recent meeting was that the preparedness for disasters from the community level should be given importance, and trainings must be conducted to community level to enhance awareness and for better preparedness.

Looking ahead, A-PAD remains committed to its mission of promoting collaboration, innovation, and resilience in the face of natural disasters and humanitarian crises. By working together with its partners and stakeholders around the world, A-PAD aims to build a safer, more resilient future for all.


Meeting with Ms. Anoja Senevirathne, Director of Mitigation, Research and Development at Disaster Management Centre
Meeting with representatives of UNICEF, Ms. Sadhana Mohan and Ms. Watsala Jayamanna
Meeting with representatives of United Nations Global Compact Network, Mr. Rathika De Silva and Mr. Treshan Galappaththy
Meeting with Ms. Dilini Fernando, Corporate Sustainability Manager, HSBC
Meeting with Maj. Generel (Rtd) Ubaya Medawala, Head of Compliance, Health, Safety, Environment & Security at Expolanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
Meeting with Wing Commander Buwaneka Abeysuriya, Chairman of Janatha Estate Development Board (JEDB)
Meeting with representatives of Capital Maharaja Group, Mr. Chevaan Daniel, Mr. Zulfick Farzan
Meeting with Dr. Sajith Edirisinghe, Honorary Secretary of Sri Lanka Medical Association