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A-PAD SL Facilitates Crucial Dialogue on “Climate-Smart Business – Bridging Gaps in Risk Management” at Platform Meeting

A-PAD SL Facilitates Crucial Dialogue on “Climate-Smart Business – Bridging Gaps in Risk Management” at Platform Meeting

Jan 24, 2024

In a groundbreaking initiative, A-PAD SL recently organized a platform meeting that brought together key players from the private sector to engage in a vital discourse on “Climate-Smart Business – Bridging Gaps in Risk Management.” The event aimed to foster collaboration, share insights, and strategize on how businesses can adapt to climate challenges while addressing critical gaps in risk management and the opportunities that can be tapped. The meeting marked a significant step towards building resilience and sustainability within the business community.

The platform meeting served as a dynamic space for Risk and Sustainability Officers to convene, exchange ideas, and explore innovative solutions. Representatives from various industries, including finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, and hotels, gathered to collectively address the urgent need for climate-smart business practices.

Key Themes Explored:

  1. Climate and Disaster Risk for Industrial Resilience:

The meeting delved into the impact of climate change and disaster risks on industrial operations. Ms. Anoja Senevirathne, Director of Mitigation, Research, & Development – Disaster Management Centre, shared valuable insights on the impact of climate change and disasters on private sector and the importance of incorporating Climate-Smart strategies in their corporate plan. The discussion then led to identifying business continuity and risks and the opportunities that can be tapped by the private sector.

  1. Navigating Change Using Sustainability Strategies for Effective Risk Management:

Ms. Yasangi Randeni, General Manager, Business Development & Sustainability at Aitken Spence PLC emphasized the adoption of sustainability strategies as a crucial component of effective risk management. The platform meeting provided a space for participants to explore sustainable business practices, discuss successful implementation models, and identify areas where further integration of sustainability principles can enhance overall risk management frameworks.

  1. Role of Telecommunications, Technology, and Innovation in Climate-Smart Solutions:

Telecommunications, technology, and innovation emerged as pivotal elements in developing climate-smart solutions. Mr. Asith De Silva Senior Manager, Social Innovation Group Sustainability – Dialog Axiata PLC. showcased the latest advancements in technology and how they can be leveraged to monitor, predict, and respond to climate-related challenges.

  1. Early Warning Systems for Climate-Smart Decision-Making:

The importance of early warning systems in mitigating the impact of climate-related events was a central theme. The meeting addressed the role of advanced forecasting technologies, communication networks, and community engagement in developing robust early warning systems.

The platform meeting concluded with a commitment from participating organizations to implement the discussed strategies and foster a culture of climate-smart business within their respective sectors. A-PAD SL pledged to continue facilitating such forums, fostering collaboration, and providing a platform for ongoing dialogue on climate-smart business practices.


Mr. Firzan Hashim (Country Director – A-PAD SL) addressing the gathering
Ms. Anoja Senevirathne (Director – Mitigation, Research and Development at Disaster Management Centre)
Ms. Yasangi Randeni (General Manager – Sustainability at Aitken Spence PLC)
Mr. Asith De Silva (Senior Manager – Social Innovation at Dialog Axiata PLC)Mr. Eshantha Salgado (Senior Vice President – Sustainability at Lion Brewery Ceylon PLC)
Discussion and Q&A Session