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A-PAD SL’s Journey at COP 28

A-PAD SL’s Journey at COP 28

Dec 8, 2023

A-PAD Sri Lanka is proud to share the excitement of its participation in the COP 28 Green Zone, a collaborative space where ambitions transform into actions. This global event has provided A-PAD with meaningful interactions with a wide spectrum of stakeholders. The engagement with IGOs, private sector companies, youth groups, CSOs, academia, and government-based organizations has created a rich tapestry of perspectives, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted issues related to climate change.

The importance of COP 28
This year, addressing climate change has become more crucial as it was showed by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the world is failing to get a grip on climate crisis. At the heart of the Green Zone lies a commitment to turning ambitions into actions. COP 28, recognized as the world’s largest gathering of climate enthusiasts, has hosted over 300 dialogues on climate and sustainability filled with diverse hubs, each focusing on key aspects of climate action.

Sea of Consumption

Energy Transition Hub

The Energy Transition Hub serves as a nexus for connecting, collaborating, and sharing best practices and solutions for addressing climate change. The COP 28 UAE Presidency Initiative has particularly recognized and encouraged groundbreaking ideas that can be replicated on different scales, providing a platform for organizations to showcase their plans.

The Energy Transition Hub

Knowledge Hub
The Knowledge Hub at COP 28 Green Zone provided A-PAD Sri Lanka with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge directly from local platforms, with a particular focus on disaster response. Learning best practices from local organizations like Emirates Red Crescent has proven to be instrumental in broadening our understanding of effective disaster response strategies. The exchange of ideas and experiences has enriched our approach to addressing climate-related challenges. The Green Zone’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in the diverse range of activities designed to engage people from all walks of life. By transforming climate discussions into interactive and enjoyable experiences, the Knowledge Hub has succeeded in making the conversation surrounding climate change more relatable and approachable.


 Discussions on achieving SDGs

In the context of one of the most relevant and timely themes, such as the development of green skills among the youth, research indicates a projected gap in the green economy of 7 million by 2030 (BCG, 2023). The Green Zone offers a unique opportunity to not only delve into green skills but also to foster career growth by exploring sustainable career opportunities, engaging with experts at the COP28 Exhibitors’ Hubs, and connecting with like-minded peers committed to climate action for a greener and more sustainable world.

Discussion with a representative of the Saudi Green Initiative

A notable feature of the Expo city is the platform it provides for countries to showcase their green initiatives, culture, and strategic plans. A representative from A-PAD SL had the chance to visit the Saudi Green Initiative pavilion and explore their 2030 strategic plan. The initiative underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to addressing environmental challenges, including high temperatures, low rainfall, dust storms, and desertification (SGI, 2023). It’s exciting to learn about Saudi Arabia’s efforts to reduce 670 million tons of carbon dioxide by planting 50 billion trees in the region, despite facing challenging weather conditions.
Overall, A-PAD Sri Lanka’s participation in COP 28’s Green Zone has been a transformative experience, fostering meaningful collaborations and exchanges with a diverse array of stakeholders.

Fun activities in relation to DRR
Representation from A-PAD SL & Emirates Red Crescent
The Saudi Green Initiative