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Capacity Building And Skill Development for A-PAD SAR Team

Capacity Building And Skill Development for A-PAD SAR Team

Mar 20, 2018

The Search and Rescue team of A-PAD Sri Lanka underwent an outbound skill enhancement and confidence building training in partnership with Silver Eagle Adventures. Rescue team members ranging from Sri Lanka Life Saving, Ironman 4×4, Lion Brewery Pvt Ltd, Seals Volunteer Emergency Response Team (SVERT) along with individual volunteers underwent this comprehensive training program. Inter-team capacities were identified and demonstrated, enhancing the existing capacity. The three day preparatory exercise was conducted anticipating deployment of the team in May 2018 in the event of floods. Teams identified their strengths and capacities for an effective future response. Simulation exercise in saving those in distress was carried out.

Mr. Firzan Hashim (Country Director, A-PAD SL) conducting a debriefing session with the A-PAD SAR Team.
Demonstration of Abseiling.
Demonstration of Rope Activities
Certificate distribution.
Demonstration of rope activities.