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CBi and A-PAD Cross Border Best Practices COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020

A-PAD’s connectivity in the region and globally has allowed networks to share best practices in preventing and responding to COVID-19 pandemic. A-PAD country platforms in the Asia Pacific Region connected immediately in sharing information, response, best practices and cross border logistic support. While the A-PAD platform in Bangladesh is the medical advisory focal point, other platforms such as Korea and Japan remain as platforms that are advocating towards combatting the virus in the most effective manner. The connectivity enabled A-PAD to reach out to countries beyond the Asia Pacific Region. China was a recipient of logistics both from Sri Lanka and Japan.

Connecting Business Initiative (CBi), a networking group of 14 member countries, of which A-PAD represents Sri Lanka, further expanded sharing of best practices globally. The information and best practices shared, allowed networks to advocate with their respective governments and private sector in policy initiatives, preparedness, effective responses and most importantly learning from each other so as not to repeat the lapse experienced by a country. This affinity both regionally and globally is a “first” in terms immediate cross border connectivity, allowing networks to function as one during a global crisis.   A great initiative by CBi.