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Supermarket Purchase Decorum Campaign

Supermarket Purchase Decorum Campaign

Mar 23, 2020

Sri Lank imposed curfew, A.K.A a “lockdown” in a few districts prone vulnerable to the global pandemic. Following this decision by the government, the general public started panic purchasing at all retail supermarkets as well as self-made boutiques island-wide, causing chaos amidst the rapid spread of the virus. In addressing this issue, A-PAD Sri Lanka worked in partnership with supermarket chains in introducing guidelines for purchasing when curfew is lifted. These guidelines were launched in order to reduce the exposure of the virus as well as sensitizing among the public the culture of responsible purchasing power. In doing so, A-PAD Sri Lanka engaged in an island-wide social media campaign name, “Supermarket Decorum”. Basic steps to personal safety such as maintaining social distance when purchasing, cladding in personal protective gear such as masks etc were included in this campaign. 
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