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A-PAD Search and Rescue Training – Day 3 – January 18th

A-PAD Search and Rescue Training – Day 3 – January 18th

Jan 19, 2019

A-PAD Sri Lanka, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan along with the People of Japan, continued onward to day 3 of their search and rescue swift water training. The training activities for the day mainly focused on the operation of the Inflatable Rubber Boat and the Emergency Response Boat. Particular engine techniques and flow mechanics were introduced to the participants and the correct application of boat rescue operations, as well as all manner of varying circumstances were covered, showcased, and executed.

The training involved theory lessons that would help with the participants assessment abilities of situations and what tactics and skills can be applied. Additionally, the lessons covered engine operations and mechanics so that the trainees would be well equipped to repair and handle their boat engine and be thoroughly competent in doing so. All trainees were made to go through a technical test which covered their acquirement of skills and techniques, their applications, mental assessments, and overall abilities that they had gathered through the training with the point being to ensure that each trainee was capable and deserving of being called a level 1 swift water rescuer.

The A-PAD platform consistently provides workshops, trainings, and all other manner of resources to help boost the knowledge, skills, capabilities, awareness, and understanding of as many people as it can to further minimize the overall loss of life and increase the preparatory actions taken by the nation’s populace to help mitigate disasters.

Participants performing the boat capsize drill during the technical test.

Trainers showing the proper method and distance to maintain when saving flood victims

Participants performing rubber boat operation techniques.

Trainers demonstrating the correct technique for using ladders in swift water.

Participants communicating the status of the flooded structure to support team.

Trainers providing lessons on the inner mechanisms of the rubber boat engine.