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Disaster Risk Reduction Training for School Children in Jaffna

Disaster Risk Reduction Training for School Children in Jaffna

Jun 30, 2018

The Jaffna district is one that is prone to severe lightning, floods as well drought. In order to make a resilient community educating school children that are the next generation is of utmost importance; therefore A-PAD Sri Lanka conducted several disaster risk reduction programs in the Jaffna district. The training programs covered the introduction of A-PAD, rescue trainings and educating the attendees with regard to the disasters and hazards that can occur in Sri Lanka. The programs had up to 100 attendees including teachers and students from 3 different schools in the Jaffna district who were present. The training programs were held on 1st, 16th and 25th of June at the Jaffna Hindu Ladies College, Jaffna Vaitheeswara College and Jaffna Holy Family Convent School respectively.

A-PAD SL hopes to continue the training programs in the Jaffna district in order to educate the school children, private sector members and the community members the importance of resilience in the midst of a disaster.