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#StopTheSpread – Community Awareness Campaign to Contain Spread of Corona Virus

#StopTheSpread – Community Awareness Campaign to Contain Spread of Corona Virus

Mar 23, 2020

The spread of COVID’19 in Sri Lanka saw a turning point in Sri Lanka when the number of inland transmitting patients saw a rapid increase within the first week of March 2020, due to the lack of self-awareness / resources available at hand. Masses of Sri Lankans were complacent in the eyes of the virus, therefore exposing themselves to the threat which is highly contagious. Taking upon itself to contain this spread of this virus, A-PAD Sri Lanka engaged in a nation-wide social media campaign amongst businesses and general public in safety measures that can be practiced by themselves.

The information collation took place in sectorized form to prevent duplication and therefore were presented in infographic, poster, video formats applicable to both children and adults. Personal preventive measures, business tips for continuation, curfew regulations, stockpiling tips and global warning by trusted sources were shared with a wide-spread audience both locally and internationally.

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